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Getting Noticed in the App Store with Content Marketing


Apple announced over one million apps were in the iTunes App store at the end of 2013.  Many companies think that they will come out with the best app ever and that people will somehow find it organically, this is far from the truth.  It’s true that consumers love to download apps, over 60 billion apps have been downloaded since the app store has been open, but it’s estimated that nearly half of that business goes to only 0.1% of the available apps.  It’s next to impossible to be found in the app store without some outside marketing.  Even the second top grossing app “Clash of Clans” has resorted to advertising on TV to get people to notice them.

Think Content
Spending on content marketing has been growing in in the last few years dramatically.  Last year, the average marketer spent over 26% of their marketing budget on content marketing and this is expected to grow in 2014.  Here are a few tips on how you can use content marketing to market your app:

  1. Does it Pass the “What’s in it for Them?” Test – When you’re writing content, the first think you need to keep in mind is the reader.  Sometimes we are so focused on what we are doing as a company and get excited about things that the average person just doesn’t care about.  Maybe it took 3 months for you to work on a cloud-syncing feature for your app and you’re really excited.  The feature might be exciting but the typical user doesn’t really care about the in’s and out’s of how it works.  Make sure you’re always writing to the consumer.
  2. Write Lots of Quality Content – As much as you think you know your audience, you’ll find that you might write the occasional dud.  It’s better to produce more content than less when it comes to content marketing.
  3. Track Your Conversions – Content marketing can bring in a ton of clicks to download your app, make sure you track where those clicks are coming from.  You can use Google Analytics for free and if you discover something that really clicks with your audience, you can write more pieces on the subject.
  4. You Are Not A Banker – Look, you’re not a banker or a lawyer that has tons of regulations to follow with what you say, have some fun with your writing.  Show your personality and a bit of your emotions.  You don’t have to write like a corporate drone.
  5. Great Amazing Headlines – Your headline is the most important part of your content.  It’s what helps people decide on social media if they should click on your link.  Take at least 20% of your writing time to come up with the perfect headline.
  6. Use Lots of Images – Images are powerful storytellers, use them throughout your content.  Take time to select the perfect images if you’re using stock photography.  If you’re adding screenshots to your content, the more the better.
  7. Use Content Amplification – Just like the app store, getting your content out to the public can be tricky. Remember to post it in every social channel you participate on.  Also, once you find an article that seems to be performing, think about using paid content-style ads to increase your exposure further.

Content marketing isn’t just for consumer-goods companies.  App developers can really strive with the same strategies and stand out both in and out of the App Store.