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Adblade Integrates with IBM’s Tag Management Solution


March 19, 2015–Adblade, the largest content-style native ad exchange on the web, is announcing a partnership with IBM (NYSE: IBM), in which Adblade has become a certified partner on IBM’s Digital Data Exchange (DDX).

Effective immediately, publishers who are integrated with IBM’s tag management system, Digital Data Exchange, can manage all of their Adblade tags as well as other tags associated with their websites from one central dashboard. IBM’s solution simplifies the management of publishers’ tags, enabling clients to deploy and maintain their tags with ease and flexibility– all without IT involvement.

“We saw the partnership with IBM as an opportunity to make it easier for our publishers’ to do business. Once we made the decision to integrate, we knew it would be one less issue our publishers had to deal with when making the decision to use native advertising. We sought to work with a company, such as IBM, because of their quality solutions that are simple and secure. This integration reflects the growing realities of today’s demanding marketplace,” said Ash Nashed, CEO of Adblade.

Adblade’s publishers will benefit from the tag management technology that allows them to streamline the task of tagging their sites, lighten up their webpages from having to process dozens of data collection tags that often slow down the user experience and reduce the complexity of making changes to tags. As data-driven marketing continues to transforms the advertising industry, Adblade knows the importance of providing its publishers with the latest solutions in managing their websites.

Ultimately the goal of this partnership is to make it easier for Adblade publishers to manage their tags and acknowledges their growing native advertising needs. This integration marks an important moment in the Native Advertising industry, as it recognizes that companies require more integrated digital solutions to meet their data-driven marketing needs.

Learn more about what this partnership can mean for publishers.