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Is Your Native Advertising Ruled by Metrics That Matter?


Let’s face it: Most people would rather glance at vibrant images than trudge through a sea of copy. And savvy marketers are capitalizing on this universal truth.

Although brand marketers once raved that “content is king,” digital advertisers should think more along the lines of “a picture is worth a thousand words.” After all, research shows that social media users enjoy pictures more than any other type of post. Along with the growth of mobile, this stat should compel native advertisers to ramp up their visual advertising.

But with only an image and a limited number of characters, how do you successfully measure ROI for a brand?

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Win Over Decision Makers With Smart Native Advertising



Native advertising is one of the fastest-growing tactics in the advertising industry — on track to hit $10.7 billion in 2015 and $21 billion by 2018.

While only 34 percent of B2B marketers took advantage of this paid advertising strategy in 2015, savvy brands like General Electric have planted a flag for B2B marketers by creating compelling, audience-appropriate native content. In addition to its GE Look Ahead blog on The Economist, the brand has created a segment on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and embraced in-stream advertising on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Information is a powerful tool for attracting decision makers’ attention — especially when it’s presented by a brand. But to succeed the way GE has, you must choose the perfect platform to tell your brand’s story and customize your approach to each environment.

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Three Myths About Native Advertising Debunked


“Native advertising tricks readers!”

“Native advertising is ruining journalism!”

“Native advertising is the worst digital invention ever!”

As someone who has worked in native advertising since its early days, I’ve heard just about every possible negative opinion of it. But despite the naysayers, native advertising continues to grow exponentially.

Publications love it because it produces great content and helps pay the bills. Advertisers love it because native ad engagement is much higher than banner ad engagement. But for some reason, the negative banter regarding native advertising persists.

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