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The Death of Banner Ads has Marked the Evolution of Native Advertising




Internet technology has come a long way since the AOL dial-up days, and that includes advancements in online advertising. Unfortunately, with all this change, one of the most staple online tactics — banner ads — just couldn’t survive the rising tide.

The fall of the banner ad is unsurprising to most. After all, it was born out of necessity. Online publishers needed a consistent way to monetize the web in the early days, but what made banner ads so attractive in the first place — their standardize size — was ultimately their downfall.

Banner ads were everywhere, but they also looked the same on every website, and they continue to look the same even 20 years after their launch. The uniformity of online advertising made internet users numb to the 1,707 banner ads they saw per month — a phenomenon that became known as banner blindness. Many companies attempted to solve banner blindness with animation, expanded sizes, pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials, and more. — but to no avail.

However, the dying banner ad has given way to a more purposeful and effective form of online marketing: the native ad.

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