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Adblade Updates WordPress Plugin with Self-Service RTB

As Real-time Bidding and native become more closely intertwined in the ad tech world, Adblade is proud to announce its recently updated WordPress plugin. Publisher’s using the new and improved Adblade WordPress plugin will now have access to advertisers bidding across DPS including Zemanta, Stack Adapt, Pulse Point, PowerLinks and more. In addition to advertisements sold directly by Adblade’s sales team, publishers will now have access to these 3rd party RTB demand sources as well. Adblade’s plugin creates a larger ad marketplace with RTB bids coming in approximately 20-50% higher than less targeted bids. This means higher CPMs for publishers and it also means more in-content, highly targetable inventory for advertisers.

We’re very excited about the fusion of native and RTB and look forward to helping advertisers and publishers unlock their potential. WordPress publishers can download the plugin here.

Facebook and Google Revamp Policies and Features Against Fake News and Bad Ads

Facebook announced on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, that they are changing their “Trending” feature’s algorithm to combat the proliferation of fake news. The announcement was made on Facebook’s Newsroom blog by the VP of Product Management, Will Cathcart. Facebook’s Trending algorithm was first added to the site in 2014.

There were three updates that the social networking site talked about. One of them was how the Trending feature would look. Previously, the feature initially only showed a trending topic and if the user clicked on it, they would be taken to a “results page” that shows different posts and outside sources talking about the topic. Now, while the results page is still intact, Facebook Trending will feature the trending article’s headline underneath the topic, without having to go to a results page to see it. It will show the source of the article as well.

Facebook is also changing how the feature will curate trending articles. Instead of basing Trending on a user’s interests, the algorithm will be focused on trending articles in a geographic area. This is done in hopes that people in the same region, such as the U.S., will see the same news articles.

Their third update centers on the legitimacy of topics. Before the update, the algorithm simply chose articles that were shared the most by users. With the update in place, Facebook Trending will now choose news stories that were the most widely covered by news outlets.

Google has also gone after fake news. As we have discussed in a previous post, Google released a report on the 25th about the 1.7 billion bad ads they took down. In addition to the individual ads, they also banned around 200 publishers from AdSense that violated their updated misrepresentative content policy to crack down on publishers who knowingly accepted fraudulent ads.

Is Your Native Advertising Ruled by Metrics That Matter?


Let’s face it: Most people would rather glance at vibrant images than trudge through a sea of copy. And savvy marketers are capitalizing on this universal truth.

Although brand marketers once raved that “content is king,” digital advertisers should think more along the lines of “a picture is worth a thousand words.” After all, research shows that social media users enjoy pictures more than any other type of post. Along with the growth of mobile, this stat should compel native advertisers to ramp up their visual advertising.

But with only an image and a limited number of characters, how do you successfully measure ROI for a brand?

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3 Power Tips for Mobile Ads

Cell-phone-Mobile ads are an amazing way to reach your on-the-go audience. Using mobile ads will put your message right in front of people, on their Smartphones or tablets, as they go about their day. It doesn’t matter if you’re a performance-based marketer or still building your brand, mobile is a vital part of any company’s marketing mix.
Research has shown that over 90% of the people in the US goes between mobile and desktop throughout their day to accomplish their goals. Here are a few tips to make your mobile campaigns succeed: Continue reading

4 Tips to Make Your Retargeting Campaign ROI Explode

retargeting-explosionRunning a retargeting campaign has by far the best performance of any type of online advertising you can buy.  For those of you not familiar with retargeting, the service displays ads to people that have already visited your site but left without making a purchase or submitting their information. Here’s a few tips to get the most out of retargeting:

  1. Don’t stalk your visitors – Retargeting works so well because it allows you to recapture someone’s attention after they’ve left your site. People get busy, the phone rings, they get distracted with an incoming email, life happens.It’s great to display banner ads and Newsbullets to these people after they have left your site, just don’t go crazy and stalk them forever by showing your banner.  Typically, retargeting becomes less effective as time goes on.  There’s less of a reason to run your retargeting campaign beyond 30 days.
  2. Use Only Two Ad Networks at Most – Work with an ad network that has huge reach to increase your chances of targeting an individual. Here at Adblade, we reach 200 million users every month in the US alone. If you want to work with more than one retargeting network, limit your buy to an additional network. Anything beyond two ad networks, and a visitor can be bombarded with too many ads which could become annoying.
  3. Use Different Creative Types – Use a bunch of different creative types when running a retargeting campaign to boost its effectiveness. A combination of IAB Standard banner ads in multiple sizes plus text ads, like Newsbullets, has a multiplier effect on performance.
  4. Don’t Ignore All the Metrics – Multiple studies have shown that click-throughs are not a great metric when it comes to online banner display campaigns. If you want to understand the true value of your campaigns, you should look at view-throughs, which measure the number of people who arrive at your site after viewing one of your banner ads.

Consumers Feel Certain Online Ad Formats Detrimental to Their Web Experience (INFOGRAPHIC)

Online advertising can greatly affect consumers’ experiences on webpages, with some formats capable of driving consumers away from a page, according to a recent survey Adblade commissioned from Toluna. The danger for advertisers and publishers is that flash-heavy page takeover ads – the ones that advertisers believe engage consumers and provide publishers with more revenue – are the worst culprits for delivering negative experiences.

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Adblade New Image Sizes

Adblade-New-Size-ImageAround here at Adblade, we are always testing new ad units to see if we can create something new that benefits both our publishers and advertisers. In 2008, when we first created the Newsbullets, it was an industry breakthrough that is often imitated but never duplicated. Since then, we have updated Newsbullets a few times and we are excited to announce our newest update.

All new ads will now require a 298 wide x 224 high image creative. These new image sizes are very impactful and are delivering better results for both our publishers and advertisers.

These creatives are shown on most publishers but some might show the older image size. Don’t worry; we will automatically scale our photos down in size as needed so all you need to do is just upload the new size.

We will continue to innovate and test a new creative from time to time. We are always looking to improve our service; so, if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at any time.