AB TestingContent-Style Ads have very different properties than other advertising methods on the web. Since they are prevalent on news sites and have a similar feel to publisher content, you need to put yourself in the mind of the user viewing your ad.

Doing A/B testing with all the elements of a content-style ad ensures that you have the best performing ad possible.  Here’s a few tips to improve your results:

Test Different Photos
– Photos can have a drastic impact on performance. It’s the first thing a user sees with your ad. It’s a good idea to test 3-4 different photos to start the same exact ad copy. Unusual photos and photos with people that are looking into the camera tend to perform best. Try and find photos that can stir up an emotion.

Test Multiple Headlines – A headline is the first thing a user will read in your ad. Once again, test 3-4 different headlines after you’ve gotten a photo that works for you. Here’s a few ideas to think about when creating a headline:

a.  Spark their curiosity
b.  Ask a question
c.  Try being negative
d.  Display your authority
Try Different Body Copy – After you’ve got your winning headline, your next step is to try and tweak your body copy for maximum impact. Keep it simple. Write as if you were writing for a 5th grader, and make the benefits of your product or service as clear as possible to the user. Remember, features don’t sell a product. Users want to know what it will do for them.

Test Unique Call to Actions – If your ad contains a call to action, test different versions. Sometimes, small changes in the wording can have an impact.

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