Quick Ways to Lose a Potential Customer

Crying over lost customersWe have worked with thousands of different advertisers over the years here at Adblade, and seen many different websites and landing pages. We’ve learned a few things about what works, and what fails miserably. Here are a few things you should always avoid:

• Make wild claims about your product or service – It’s, almost always, better to under promise and over deliver when it comes to your product or service. Making huge claims initially might make you a quick sale, but your customer will be disappointed in the long run. Always think about the lifetime value of a customer, and be willing to trade a quick bump in sales for a happy life long customer.

• Writing for search engines and not for people – Even if you’re creating a web page exclusively for SEO traffic, you always need to keep people first. Nothing turns away people quicker than a heavily optimized, keyword-stuffed page. This is especially important if you’re sending paid online traffic to the page.

• Not listening to your customer – If you’re going to have a page on Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites, listen and interact with your customers. A bunch of unanswered complaints or suggestions on a social page screams that your company doesn’t care about its customers. This is an easy way to lose credibility.

• Not focusing on the customers’ benefits – Remember, your website is not about you, it’s for your customer. Always try and answer the question: “What’s in it for them.?”

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