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5 Amazing Tips to Make Your Content-Style Ads CLICK

Click-HereContent-Style ads (like Newsbullets) have become all the rage lately, with both brand and direct marketers looking to attract users to their site. These ads function a little differently than a traditional banner or search ads, and they have more components that can be tweaked to improve results.

• Use Eye Catching Photos – Our tracking studies have shown that your photo is the number one way of getting people to notice your ad. Make sure you choose one that stands out on a page. It could be something unique with lots of contrast in its imagery. If you chose people, have them looking into the camera and at the user. Make sure your photo strikes an emotional connection.

• Headlines That Entice – Your headline should feature your product’s or services’ biggest benefit. When writing it, try and elicit an emotional response from the reader. Use title case and numbers (5 versus five), when you can; it can increase click-through rates. Try asking questions to your readers, this can sometimes increase engagement.

• Fulfill What You Promise in Your Ad – Make sure that what your ad says is not greatly disconnected from what’s on your landing page. You might get a better click though rate by over-promising, but you’ll have greater abandonment on your site.

• Persuade but Don’t Sell – Try and take a soft sell approach in your ads. Leave the harder selling to your landing pages. Just make sure you still have a call to action in your ad, enticing users to act.

• Create & Test Multiple Ad Variations – This is the last tip, but the most important. Create a bunch of ads and do lots of testing. Have different people in your office think of different copy, and test it all. Sometimes, you’ll be surprised at what works best. Remember, many times, you are not your own target demographic for your product. What you think will work, may not. Be open to new ideas and perspectives.

4 Content Marketing Rules You Must Follow!

Content Marketing RulesMore and more companies are starting to use content marketing these days as larger part of their marketing efforts.  When done correctly, it’s been proven to be an effective marketing technique.  Just make sure to never forget to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Don’t Forget the “Marketing” in Content Marketing – It’s can be easy to write content that funny and entertains your customers, but remember not to forget your objective.  You are not a publisher for the sake of being a publisher but you are using content to market your product or service.
  2. Tell a Story – Your content needs to draw people in and engage them.  They aren’t going to share your content with their friends if its one big sales pitch.  It’s ok if you use soft sales pitches from time to time within your content, but remember to hook them in and encourage them to share your content with their friends.
  3. Target the Audience You’re Selling – You can’t be all things to all people.  Know the audience that’s buying your product and try to write exclusively to them.  Find out their likes and interests.  Survey your customers and figure out what makes them tick.  Once you’ve identified your audience, always keep them in mind when you’re writing.
  4. Educate Though the Sales Cycle – Depending on the level of complexity of your product, make sure you are educating your potential customers all along the sales cycle.  Talk to your sales team and echo the key points they discuss with potential customers on an initial phone call. Find out what they talk about in a first in-person meeting.  What are the most common questions asked right before the signing of a contract?Try and create content that addresses these issues and educates a customer.  Remember, these days, many customers want to use the Internet to answer their own questions even before they talk to anyone